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Welcome to St. Saviour’s Catholic Church


There is a very deep desire in all of us to find ourselves “home”. Home is that secure and peaceful place where we feel safe, not judged, unconditionally loved. Home is a place deep within our hearts where we experience our worth and value as a beloved child of God. Home is the place where we feel connected. Home is that place where they always welcome you, no matter what.

It is our deepest desire that your experience of St. Saviour Parish is an experience of home, a place where we communicate to you your dignity and worth – a place where you feel safe and secure. We at St. Saviour want to do all that we can do to make our parish family a place where all feel welcomed and loved.

Some people, for whatever reason, feel estranged from the family of the Catholic Church. They believe they no longer “fit in” because of divorce and remarriage or because of some past mistake which continues to make them feel shame or paralyzing guilt. In addition, some people feel that estrangement because they were “turned off” due to a lack of sensitivity coming from a Church leader. And some people just don’t believe that the Catholic Church has anything to say to them.

We at St. Saviour commit ourselves to do all that we can to make our parish a place where everyone can truly feel at home and welcomed: the young, the old, and those in between; women and men; the sinner and the saint; gay and straight; the single and the married; the divorced and the widowed; the disappointed and the hurt; everyone. We do what we can to heal hurts, we want to listen, we want to be lovingly present, we want to be inclusive, we want to be, as fully as we can be, the Church that Jesus founded.

We ask for your prayers that St. Saviour can be “home” to all. God bless you!

Fr. Murphy

“It is now for the Catholic Church to bend herself to her work with calmness and generosity. It is for you to observe her with renewed and friendly attention.”
-Pope John XXIII